'I would feel cut off without  Carers' Hub, it is a reliable, safe  place to meet others who get it.'  

Adult and parent


Do you look after someone?

If you look after a family member, friend, partner or neighbour then you are a carer. And if either you or they live in Lambeth, then we are here to support you.


There are lots of ways the Carers’ Hub team can help you.  Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start, but we can help you with that too.  

We’ll begin by giving you a call to find out about your situation. You may just need some information, in which case we will send you what you need via email or post.  You may be offered a one to one appointment with a member of the team.  We can meet you at your home, our offices or a suitable community setting.   We will use this appointment to explore any challenges that you are facing. We’ll then work alongside you to create a plan that is tailored to your needs, and we'll help you put it into action.


If you look after somebody living with dementia, a learning disability or a mental health condition, we run specialised peer support groups that you can attend. 

Due to Covid-19 we are currently working from home, we are still here to support local carers and are running a programme of virtual groups and activities. Find out about current support

There are lots of ways we can help you...

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Managing at home

We know that juggling your caring responsibilities with day to day tasks can be overwhelming.  We can help you think about new ways of managing your circumstances and can link you to relevant support.

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Education and Career

Work can be a source of pleasure but also a source of pain. We think that it’s never too late to think about pursuing new avenues: there are a wealth of opportunities within Lambeth, and we can help you access them.

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Managing stress

Carers face a variety of stresses in their day to day lives. We’ll link you up with the support you need to make steps in a positive direction.

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Relationships with family members and friends can be more difficult as a carer. We’ll help you think about your existing relationships and provide opportunities to meet other carers. 

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Money worries

Looking after someone can create a strain on finances.  We can help you to access specialist advice services and support you to make grant applications.   

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Having fun

All too often, the pressures of caring close down opportunities for laughter, spontaneity and fun. But those things are important! Our groups and social activities give you a chance to let loose and relax.

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Carers are often doing their best for their loved ones without having learned specific knowledge and skills.  We can link you up with learning opportunities to make caring easier.

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Staying healthy

We all know that physical health is important, but it is easy to neglect - especially when you’re focused on someone else. We can help you to pursue realistic goals to improve your health.

 If you fancy meeting up for a cuppa and a chat, join   us at one of our coffee mornings.  We try out   different community venues each month and some   of the group enjoy a bit of stroll beforehand. 

 Open to all carers over the age of 18. 

 Monthly   coffee   mornings 

Our approach

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One to one support

When we first meet, we’ll discuss your needs and work with you to create an appropriate action plan. Secondly, we’ll live up to our promises. And we’ll always meet at a time and location that works for you.

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Peer Support

Join one our our peer support groups to meet other people facing the same challenges.   The Carers’ Hub team will be there to welcome you with a cup of tea and introduce you to people when you arrive. 

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First Aid Training

Join one our regular first aid courses delivered by British Red Cross or find out about other courses available to you across the borough. 

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Social activities

Getting together with other carers to relax and have fun is important.  That is why we run regular coffee morning, group walks and outings. 

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There’s a lot of support on offer in Lambeth, but these things can be difficult to find.  We’re here to fill those gaps. We provide information on training courses, local services and other opportunities within the borough.

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At our Carers Forums, professionals lead discussions on the key topics that impact the lives of carers and the people they care for. We run monthly forums for mental health and learning disability carers.

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Free legal clinic

Access free legal advice about Power of Attorney and Court of Protection from Anthony Gold solicitors at our monthly legal clinic. 

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Carers Voices

Carers Voices is a monthly forum open to all carers.  This is a space for you to share your views, insights and knowledge to help ensure local policy and practice is shaped by carers. Different guest speakers each month.

Peer support groups

We run monthly peer support groups and  forums, allowing you to share your experience of caring, make friends, and develop new skills. Different carers face different challenges, and that’s why our groups are specialised. We run groups tailored to dementia, mental health and learning disability carers.

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Working in partnership, Carers' Hub Lambeth and My Social are currently developing the Lambeth Carers Card scheme. We will be offering local carers early access to online resources and information which may be of particular help during this difficult time. 

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