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Older Husband and Wife

Our mission is to improve carers’ lives in Lambeth  
through quality services and community engagement.   

Blue Haired Young Adult Carer
Youngest Carer
Elderly Person supported by Young Adult

If you look after someone who has an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction and live in Lambeth we are here for you. There are lots of ways that we can help. Get in touch!

You can register with Carers' Hub Lambeth via our Online Self-Referral form. 

A bit about us

We are an independent local charity based in Brixton and work with carers aged five upwards. Whether financial, educational or otherwise, we seek to limit the challenges that carers face. We achieve this by improving carer’s wellbeing,  connecting carers to support and training opportunities, awareness raising and influencing local policy. [find out more]

"It always feels such a relief to come to Carers' Hub and realise that I’m not the only one going through it and to be able to talk honestly and openly with people who get it."

Contact us

T: 020 7501 8970

Carers' Hub Lambeth

336 Brixton Road, 4th Floor

London  SW9 7AA

336 Brixton Road

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