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Our mission is to improve carers' lives in Lambeth  

through quality services  

and community engagement.   

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If you look after someone who has an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction and live in Lambeth we are here for you. There are lots of ways that we can help. Get in touch!

Covid-19 update  

Our phone lines and email remain open as usual. The team are continuing to support unpaid carers living in Lambeth, or caring for someone living in the Borough. Find out more

A bit about us

​Our work stems from the fact that carers’ lives can be negatively impacted in all sorts of ways as a result of their caring role. Whether financial, educational or otherwise, we seek to limit the challenges that carers face in two key ways: by working with carers directly, and by influencing the local services and policies that affect them.

We work directly with carers from aged five upwards, and split our work across two services: the Lambeth Young Carers Service, for those aged 5-21; and the Adult Carers Service for those aged 21+.


Both services have peer support principles at their heart: the idea that carers draw strength from one another by sharing their experiences.  There’s a mix of regular peer support groups for both young and adult carers, on top of tailored support offered by the Carers Hub team. For young carers, we have one added emphasis – fun! We organise an exciting programme of school-holiday activities each year.

We believe that the development of local policy, practice and services that affect carers should take carers’ experiences into account. For this reason, we host a range of workshops and forums for carers to make their voices heard throughout the year and play a key role in the Carers Collaborative Strategy Group.

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Carers' Hub Lambeth

336 Brixton Road, London  SW9 7AA

T: 020 7501 8970

It always feels such a relief to come to Carers' Hub and   realise that I’m not the only one going through it and to be  able to talk honestly and openly with people who get it.     

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