A network of interested professionals and carer representatives from local groups and forums to keep you in the loop, connect you to others and boost your local knowledge of services available for carers in Lambeth 

We’re really keen to bring together peers to share information and ideas and to find opportunities to work together to improve the support on offer to carers in Lambeth.   


We’re at the very early stages of growing the Carers Collaborative Network and want to make it a vibrant and useful source of information and support for all network members. You can help shape the network by coming along to one of our start up meetings.


We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

We are launching a new network for professionals and carer representatives working with carers in Lambeth.

Benefits of joining the Carers Collaborative Network

Come along to network events and build connections with peers working in the borough of Lambeth.  


The network is a place to share news, ideas and opportunities with your peers.

Share news

Join our  Carers Collaborative Network mailing list and online group to keep up to date with information about local events, training and opportunities for carers.

Keep in the loop

Get involved in the Lambeth Carers Strategy, by sharing your knowledge and insights to help make sure we create real change for carers.

Carers Strategy

Background information

The Lambeth Carers Strategy seeks to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of unpaid carers living in our borough. To drive forward the strategy, the 2019-20 Action Plan for Carers has been set out.   

One of the  key areas of action has been identified as:


“Building the Carers Collaborative network, to bring together carer organisations and carer leads in Lambeth.”

We know there is lots of impactful and crucial work happening for carers in Lambeth but there’s currently no easy way of sharing information, news and ideas with our peers. By growing the Carers Collaborative Network we want to make helpful connections, build strong relationships and find new ways of working together.


Get in touch to find out more about the Carers Strategy and the 2019-20 Action Plan for carers.

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