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As a small, local charity, all money you raise will make a big impact and help us to improve lives for carers in Lambeth.

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How do I fundraise for Carers' Hub?

There are lots of ways you can raise money for Carers' Hub. It’s a great way to have fun and all the money you raise will go directly to supporting carers in Lambeth. We’re a small organisation so any extra money you raise will make a huge difference to the work we do. Thank you!

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Sponsored event

Whether it’s a pub quiz, cake sale or bingo evening, there are all kinds of fun events that can contribute to an important cause. We think that recognising the hard work of carers is incredibly important - support us in that work!

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Hold a cake sale

Whether you are a whizz in the kitchen or just have a sweet tooth, a cake sale is great way to raise money and raise awareness for Carers' Hub. 

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Schools fundraising

Raise awareness of young carers while raising money for Carers' Hub by organising a fundraising event at your school.  

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Host a pub quiz

Combine a fun night out with some fundraising by getting together with a group of friends or colleagues to organise a pub quiz.  

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Make a donation

Simply make a donation to Carers' Hub and know that your money will support us to improve life for more carers in Lambeth. 

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Your own idea! 

If you have an idea of your own, even better!  No matter how much you you raise, you will be making a big difference. 


"Attending and participating in the Carers' Hub group has made a real difference to the way that I feel. There was always a sense of isolation and sometimes despair at the lack of support for carers before. Meeting other carers has made feel more supported and positive about finding ways of sharing the difficult and sometimes very challenging tasks of caring for our loved ones."

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