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Carers’ Hub Lambeth see the Carers Strategy as a vital opportunity to raise awareness of carers and improve carer support in our borough.

We’re working with the Carers Collaborative Strategy Group to help make the carers strategy a reality.


The Carers Collaborative Strategy Group has developed the 2019-2020 Action Plan setting out four priority areas for carers in Lambeth:

  • Working together with a wide range of local partners and services, to improve support and ensure carers become everyone's business

  • Launching a Carers Passport for Lambeth, to recognise carers and their vital contribution to our community

  • Building the Carers Collaborative network, to bring together carer organisations and carer leads in Lambeth

  • Maximizing opportunities to raise awareness of carers in Lambeth, to increase understanding within local services and the wider community

What is Lambeth Carers Strategy?

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