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As a small, fledgling organisation with big ambitions, there are plenty of rewarding ways to partner with us and make a positive impact. 

What could your company do?

In the summer of 2018, we took the big step of setting up as an independent charity, having delivered services for carers in Lambeth since 2009. With so much still to do, your support will enable us to continue developing and providing much needed services for amazing carers in Lambeth.  

What we can offer you

A partnership with us will offer you a wealth of rewarding opportunities for your employees. The Carers' Hub team are committed to making our organisation the best it can be and as we are a small organisation, you will be able to make a tangible difference and see a lasting impact.   


Whether you would like to join us for a volunteering day to support our activities for young carers, take on a fundraising challenge or sponsor an activity, we would love to have a conversation about how your organisation can get involved.    

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Hold an event

Whether it’s a pub quiz, cake sale or bingo evening, there are all kinds of fun events that can contribute to an important cause. We think that recognising the hard work of carers is incredibly important - support us in that work!

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Team Challenge

Run 10k with your team or even take on a half marathon!  Combine team building with fundraising for a great cause. 

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Host young carers for the day

Our young adult carers would love the opportunity to visit your offices to broaden their horizons and be inspired by what you do. 

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Sponsor an activity

From photography workshops and arts and crafts to rock climbing and day trips, we want to give as many young carers as possible the opportunity to have fun, create memories and have a break from their caring responsibilities.  Money you raise will help us run more events.

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Donate computers/mobiles

Donating unwanted computer equipment, mobile phones, tablets and laptops would help Carers' Hub to keep up to date and reach more carers. 

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Volunteering days

Help us support more young carers this year by volunteering to help out on one of our school holiday activities.   

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