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You can register with Carers' Hub Lambeth via our Online Self-Referral form. 

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Substance Misuse Service

Are you affected by a family member or friend’s drinking or drug use? You may benefit from our Service for Carers of those with Substance Misuse Issues.

This service provides support to those who care for people affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Substance misuse is often stigmatised, which can prevent carers and families from seeking out support. We can provide a judgement-free safe space, where you can get the help you need.

You can register for this service via our online self-referral form.

Tailored Support for Carers of All Ages

Young Carers

We will meet you and your family to understand how we can help. It might involve linking families with other services, speaking to your school or simply listening.

Young Adult Carers and Adult Carers

We provide 1-2-1 support, tailored to you - whether that relates to education, wellbeing, finances, day-to-day tasks or something different.

Peer Support Groups for Adult and Young Adult Carers

You will be able to talk to your fellow carers, sharing experiences and  advice. Support groups will also provide an opportunity to touch base with Carers' Hub, as well as some of our partners.

We offer meetups with others who are taking care of a friend or relative with alcohol and substance misuse issues.

You will also be able to access to the wider offer from Carers' Hub

Carers' Hub Lambeth offers many different forms of support, find out more at the links below:


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This service is for carers of those with alcohol and substance misuse issues. If you are a carer who is yourself struggling with these issues, please get in touch so we can help you to access external support, from our partner organisations in Lambeth.

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