Supporting unpaid carers in the borough of Lambeth 

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What are the benefits?

Working in partnership, Carers’ Hub Lambeth and My Social are delivering the Lambeth Carers Card scheme. The Lambeth Carers Card connects unpaid carers to helpful information and resources including:


Emergency Planning 

Your Lambeth Carers Card flags up ‘I am Carer. Someone depends on me’ and includes space to add your emergency contact details. This means if something happens to you, people will know who to contact to help look after the person you care for. You can also use our emergency plan template, flyer and tips, to help put an emergency plan into place. In your welcome pack, you will receive your card and emergency planning resources. 

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Carers UK Digital Resources

The Lambeth Carers Card have teamed up with Carers UK to give unpaid carers in Lambeth free access to digital tools and essential resources. The Digital Resources will help you 

  • Find information useful to YOU

  • Help you manage care more effectively

Resources include e-learning modules, factsheets, interactive guides and information covering health and wellbeing, support for caring, technology, financial planning and young adult carers. You can find out more about the Digital Resources here


Get access to the Jointly App.

The App from Carers UK makes caring for someone a little easier, less stressful and a lot more organised by making communication and coordination simpler between those who are sharing the care.

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Get access to local information.

Local information that keeps you in the loop with the latest news, information and opportunities for carers in Lambeth. 

How do I sign up?

Visit the Lambeth Carers Card website to sign up online
or call us on

020 7501 8973

Who can sign up?

The Lambeth Carers Card scheme is for unpaid carers aged 18+ who either live in the London Borough of Lambeth or care for someone who lives in the borough.