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Celebrating Windrush Day

It was the 75th anniversary of the HMT Empire Windrush arriving in Britain on 22nd June 1948. To celebrate this monumental event, we visited the Garden Museum for a Clay Bird making workshop.

This celebration is particularly significant in Lambeth, where many of the arrivals spent their first month in rented accommodation in the deep shelter underneath Clapham South Tube station. Many of these people eventually settled in Brixton, as it was the site of the nearest labour exchange. This is why the Borough of Lambeth has such a strong and celebrated association with Caribbean culture.

Today, Windrush Square sits in the middle of Lambeth, recognising the significance of this event in our local history and landscape. You can learn more about how the day was celebrated across Lambeth here.

The ceramic workshop celebrated the birds and flowers of the Caribbean. The activity was inspired by the ceramic artworks of Jamaican-born artist, actor, and potter Rudi Patterson (1933-2013).

Our Adult Carers enjoyed the creative workshop, celebrating the event that made modern Britain the way it is today.


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