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Lambeth Young Carers Card Project

The planning and research stage of our Lambeth Young Carers Card co-design project has been a really interesting process. The final component was the Lambeth Young Carers Card Design Competition for Young Carers from across Lambeth. Young Carers were invited to submit up to three designs, digitally or on paper.

On Wednesday 15th March 2023, we announced the competition winner at a Young Carers Celebration Event.

The Lambeth Young Carers Card co-design project has been developed with the support of the King’s College London Civic Challenge 2021/22, which brings together teams of students, staff and local charities to co-create solutions to some of the challenges our communities face.

What is a Young Carers Card

A Young Carers Card could be used as a form of ID - you could use it when collecting medication, or if you need to tell a new teacher or another member of staff at school or college about your situation without having to repeat your whole story.

The Competition Winner

Our winner was Kristian, 12. The colourful design uses finger prints with cartoony expressions and features, to represent how unique each carer is. This design is so creative and interesting, which is why our judges loved it! The proposed Lambeth Young Carers Card will feature this design on the front. 


With so many excellent designs, it was difficult for our judges to choose just one! We also awarded prizes to two runners up. Emilia (aged 9) , who submitted a rainbow 'I Care' design, and Jenna (aged 15), who created a very effective and informative digital design.


​Carers’ Hub was awarded a grant to conduct research and co-develop a proposal for a Lambeth Young Carers Card by winning the King's College Civic Challenge.

The main aim of the project was to involve young carers, their families and local professionals in the co-production and design of a Young Carers Card scheme.


The project consisted of a programme of activities designed to involve young carers in the co-production of the young carers card. Young carers shared their lived experience and helped us shape a proposal for a Young Carers Card.  The project culminated in a competition for young carers to design the look of the card.


Although we hope to be able to implement the Lambeth Young Carers Card scheme, we are currently only exploring developing the idea for the card, its potential offer and its design. The next stage will be to try and secure funding to set up the scheme.

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