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Image by Joe Woods

Creative Young Carers: A Virtual Exhibition

To celebrate Young Carers Action Day 2023, Carers' Hub Lambeth hosted a private exhibition of Young Carers' creative work. The event was a success with fun activities, presentations, and spoken word performance. Thank you to Carers Trust for supporting the exhibition, and creating the opportunity for young carers to showcase their work. 

To continue the recognition and celebration of Young Carers' creativity, this virtual Ceramics Exhibition will be available to view for a limited time only. Young Carers from across Lambeth have submitted their work.


The Workshop

During February half-term 2023, our Young Carers had the opportunity to attend a three day Ceramics Workshops. The workshops were run in partnership with Create, the UK's leading charity for improving wellbeing through the creative arts. We regularly partner with Create, to offer creative workshops for both young and adult carers.

Young Carers of different ages spent three days learning a variety of techniques for sculpting and shaping air-dry clay. They worked on pots, figurines, trinket boxes and more!

The Celebration Event

On Wednesday 15th March 2023, Carers Trust organised Young Carers Action Day to raise awareness of young carers. Carers' Hub joined organisations across the UK in marking this important day, holding a fun event to celebrate all of the young people with caring responsibilities in Lambeth.

The Celebration Event also offered the opportunity to mark the culmination of the
 Lambeth Young Carers Card co-design project, developed with the support of the King’s College London Civic Challenge 2021/22, which brings together teams of students, staff and local charities to co-create solutions to some of the challenges our communities face.  We were delighted to announce the winner of our Young Carers Card design competition, check out their winning design here.

We had a wonderful time! Here are some photos from the event (below).
Thank you to Carers Trust and King's College London
for supporting this event. 
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