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Young Carers & Tackling Isolation

Inspired by this year’s Young Carers Action Day theme, Tackling Isolation, we have been reflecting on the importance of combating loneliness and supporting young carers’ wellbeing. What place better was there to start, than to ask our young carers for their ideas! We asked them about loneliness, and the advice they would give a friend who was experiencing this. Check out what they had to say by watching their Young Carers Action Day video here

Marking the Day

Young Carers Action Day took place, early this month, on 16th March. It is a nationwide event organised by the Carers Trust aimed at raising awareness of the struggles and importance of young carers across the country. Here at Carers’ Hub Lambeth we were keen to use it as an opportunity for young carers to get together and have fun! We held an event to celebrate, bringing together young carers from 5 all the way up to 21. Creating a chance for young carers to socialise and have a fun evening away from their caring role. At the event we showcased their Young Carers Action Day video, created new pieces of art, and played games before having some pizza to wind down the night. We’d like to give a big shout out to all those who took part in the video and attended the event!

Heart of what we do

Creating opportunities for young carers to make friends and feel connected is at the heart of what we do at Carers’ Hub Lambeth. By bringing young carers together through our holiday activities, meet ups and peer support groups, young carers feel less alone and get to be with others who truly understand what they are going through. A highlight this March was seeing the young carers competing on the Basketball court, and we can’t wait for our fun packed Easter Holiday programme which includes trampolining, multi-sports, dance and drama workshops.

Looking after our wellbeing As spotlighted on Young Carers Action Day, tackling loneliness is vitally important. For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic was a struggle and caused a lot of us to feel isolated from our community. Now we have the chance to reflect back on this experience and discover the best ways to promote emotional wellbeing and good mental health. Here’s some ideas from our Young Carers’ team about tips for looking after your wellbeing:

  • Make new connections - in Lambeth there are a multitude of community events on offer! From peer support groups to dance classes to language exchange, these activities are a great way to meet new people and strengthen your connection with the local community.

  • Connect with nature - getting out in the great outdoors is so important for our bodies and our minds. Research shows that nature can generate a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, creativity and can even facilitate concentration. So be sure to prioritise getting some fresh air this week and enjoy the warmer weather.

  • Practice self care - it is crucial to be kind to yourself when you feel lonely or isolated. Find out what type of self care works best for you - is it a hot bath, or maybe cooking your favourite meal? It could even be as simple as an hour to switch off and enjoy some peace and quiet. Don’t forget to make time for this in your busy schedule - you won't regret it!

Get in touch If you are a young carer, or you think a young person in your family may be a young carer, please do reach out to our team. Our young carers team works with children from the age of 5 upwards, offering support and information to young carers and their families. Adventure, friendship and support are super-important for young carers, so we split our work into four areas:

- We organise a mixture of exciting activities throughout the year

- We run monthly young carers groups – a space to relax and have fun

- We provide a listening ear and relevant help to young carers and their families

- We run dedicated projects working with schools to support young carers with their education

To find more visit the Young Carers section of our website, or contact the team on:

T: 020 7501 8972

A young carer is anyone aged 5 to 21 who helps look after a family member or friend, who has an illness or condition. This might be a physical illness; mental illness; learning disability; or some form of drug or alcohol problem.


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